Floral-inspired engagement rings

Experience the pinnacle of craftsmanship with VRAI created diamonds.

Floral engagement rings FAQ

Floral engagement rings feature diamond clusters that are arranged to resemble the petals on a flower. These diamond flower clusters typically frame the center diamond, but floral rings can have different petal placements to create numerous distinctive designs.

Nature engagement rings feature designs that reflect the beauty of nature and are crafted from materials that respect nature.

Nature-inspired rings use details inspired by natural elements like flower set diamonds, petal prongs, or a vine-shaped row of pavé set diamonds. Pair these details with our Carbon Neutral Certified VRAI created diamonds and recycled solid gold settings to signal your love for the planet.

Flower engagement rings symbolize love, beauty, and affection while specific flower shapes bring an additional meaning to a ring. Flowers can mean joy and celebration and also love or friendship.

Flowers have inspired jewelry throughout history with flower rings dating back to the 1700s. During the Victorian Era, couples used certain floral designs to signify different meanings for their love. The Edwardian Era introduced floral-shaped diamond clusters while the Art Deco Era perfected colorful, symmetrical floral designs to create classic engagement rings for women.

Each era has made its own contribution to floral diamond rings as technology progressed and craftsmanship improved. Floral engagement rings continue to be sought-after today.

A flower set diamond is a cluster of diamonds that creates a floral shape. All floral engagement rings have flower settings, but flower set diamonds can be used in other jewelry types, like our Perennial Studs.

The top ring styles for floral engagement rings include simple, gold or vintage settings. All VRAI floral engagement rings are set in our best-selling settings.

Simple floral engagement rings:

Let the diamond petals take center stage and opt for a plain solid gold band to simplify our Signature Floral engagement ring. For a minimalist floral-inspired ring, consider The Classic Petal. This setting features petal-shaped prongs that frame the center diamond like a flower.

Vintage floral engagement ring:

For an instant heirloom, add pavé set diamonds to your floral engagement. Additional details will create a vintage flower ring, such as a 14k rose gold band or historic diamond shapes like Marquise, Emerald, or Oval cut diamonds.

Your chosen wedding band design should pair flush with your floral engagement ring to prevent any damage to the center diamond or diamond petals. To create a cohesive look, pick details that match or complement each other, such as the same metal color or diamond shape.

Choosing a sleek and subtle wedding band, like The Knife Edge Band, will let your floral engagement ring take center stage. To enhance its floral elements, opt for nature-inspired designs like The Twisted Band.

VRAI floral engagement rings aren’t simply inspired by nature - they are crafted by and for nature. Each step of production reflects our commitment to the planet and its precious resources, beginning with a VRAI created diamond.

Our Carbon Neutral Certified diamonds are grown in our zero emission foundry using the renewable power of America’s Colombia River. They are then set in recycled solid gold and shipped to you in recyclable packaging.

With no human or environmental toll, your engagement ring truly symbolizes your love for each other and the planet.