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Promise rings

Show your unwavering devotion with a promise ring that embodies an unbreakable connection. Explore our collection and choose the perfect lab grown diamond promise ring to symbolize your commitment.


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VRAI promise rings

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Promise Ring FAQ

The best way to find your ring size for your engagement ring is to have it professionally measured by a diamond expert in person. However, there are other ways of measuring your ring size on your own.

Measure a current ring

Choose a ring that correctly fits the finger you are purchasing the ring for. Lay the ring over each of the sizes on a ring size chart until you are able to find a match. The inside of the ring should match as closely as possible to the circle on the guide.

Print a ring sizer chart

Print and then cut out a ring sizer. Wrap the ring sizer snuggly around the widest part of the intended finger so that the numbers are visible to you, then insert the pointed end through the slit you made in the sizer. Make note of the number that lines up with the slit — this is your ring size.

Order a complimentary ring sizer

VRAI’s complimentary ring sizers can be ordered and shipped to your home.

A promise ring is a ring that is exchanged by people in a romantic relationship to declare their future intent to marry. Also known as a pre-engagement ring, promise rings are often given by younger couples who aren’t necessarily ready for marriage, but who would like to signify their commitment to each other.

You should give a promise ring if you’re in a romantic relationship and you have discussed your desire to get married to each other but you aren’t able to do so yet.

Couples may choose to give a promise ring instead of an engagement ring because of their age, finances, or because they have other milestones to achieve first.

There are no rules for how long you need to be dating before you exchange promise rings. But it’s important to only give a promise ring if you share the same interest in building a future together.

Many couples choose to wear promise rings on the left ring finger to honor their pre-engagement.

However, unlike engagement or wedding rings, there isn’t a designated finger for wearing a promise ring. You can choose to wear it on whichever finger you prefer.

Promise rings are typically exchanged and worn by each person in the relationship. Consider buying a promise ring for each of you to wear, just like you would with a wedding ring.

While promise rings are often more minimal than engagement or wedding rings, the design you choose should reflect your unique style and love. Choose a promise ring that’s expertly crafted from high-quality materials so it will stand the test of time - just like your love.

Draw inspiration from your style to select a promise ring design perfectly suited to you. All VRAI created diamond promise rings are customizable and made-to-order so each detail you choose can truly embody your relationship.

Whether you choose matching rings, a minimalist setting, or a daring design, there’s a VRAI promise ring that fits your budget, and preferences as well as your love.

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