Jewelry For A Cause: Our Action On Giving Tuesday

Throughout the 2022 holiday season, VRAI is looking to the stars. The starry sky reminds us that we are all connected and inspires us to celebrate those we love with meaningful gifts. But it also stirs us to remain dedicated to our values, like sustainability, equality, and the freedom of self-expression. Under these starry skies, we remember that every choice we make can have a larger and lasting impact — including the fine jewelry featuring VRAI created diamonds we wear.

Giving Tuesday follows Cyber Monday and is a day for all to volunteer, donate, or stand up for a cause they believe in. For VRAI, Giving Tuesday has always been a day to give a percentage of sales from our Edit to organizations who stand for equality, sustainability, justice, and a brighter future. We are staying committed to our values and the value of our customers. By shopping on Giving Tuesday, you are selecting lab-grown diamond fine jewelry for a cause.

Read on to discover the action we’re taking for Giving Tuesday 2022.

What VRAI Jewelry Is For A Cause?

VRAI proudly — and exclusively — offers sustainable, ethical jewelry year-round. By converting greenhouse gas into VRAI created lab-grown diamonds in our zero-emission foundry, our jewelry represents our sustainable values and hope for the future of our planet. This is only amplified by our recycled solid gold settings, and reusable, recyclable packaging. By being a vertically-integrated company — controlling our supply chain from the moment a VRAI created diamond is formed to the day it is set in an engagement ring or fine jewelry design — our jewelry also stands against the human toll so often associated with mined diamonds.

Because of this, we believe that all VRAI jewelry is for a cause. But these actions are only the beginning. By partnering with associations aligned with our causes throughout the year and on Giving Tuesday, our hope is to offer our customers holiday gifts that will give back for generations to come.

Why Is VRAI Partnering With Equality Now?

This Giving Tuesday, VRAI is taking action to create a world that is safer and more just for women and girls. We believe that women’s rights are human rights. That’s why we stand in solidarity with individuals across the globe who are striving for equal rights and the ability to live freely without fear.

That’s why this Giving Tuesday, 10% of select item sales will be donated to Equality Now, a charity whose goal is making equality a reality for women and girls across the world through legal systems. By supporting Equality Now, the gifts customers choose on Giving Tuesday will help foster permanent change and empower future voices for generations to come.

Equality Now was founded in 1992 and is an international human rights organization. They work to protect and promote the rights of all women and girls around the world. They focus on legal equality, ending sexual violence, ending harmful practices, and ending sexual exploitation. They also focus on the unique needs of adolescent girls. Equality Now combines international, regional, and national legal advocacy to create legal and systemic change for all women and girls. Their focus is to ensure that governments enact and enforce laws and policies that uphold women and girls’ rights.They are a global organization with partners and members all around the world.

How Does Your VRAI Jewelry Give Back To Charity?

On Giving Tuesday, look for the Equality Now logo on a selection of our most popular fine jewelry gifts and add them to your bag.These styles include timeless best-sellers, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. VRAI has purposefully chosen our most popular designs so that you can buy jewelry gifts for a cause for everyone on your list!

How Else Can You Give Back?

Go to Equality Now to learn more about their mission and what you can do to support them year-round. And encourage those around you to shop conscientiously this Giving Tuesday. Also consider what you can do on a local level to make the world safer and more just for women and girls, and to promote equality and freedom for all. Remember that even the smallest choices you make add up and have an impact.

Shop Holiday Jewelry For A Cause

Start preparing your shopping bag now by exploring VRAI’s holiday jewelry gifts. Or book an appointment with our diamond experts for a white-glove shopping experience and personalized guidance. And remember that by choosing diamonds sustainably created by VRAI, your holiday gifts are a gift to generations to come.