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Unisex Jewelry FAQ

Unisex jewelry is jewelry that is meant to be worn by all, no matter the sex or gender. All VRAI fine jewelry designs are unisex.

Jewelry can be unisex, and it is. Today, anyone can wear most styles of jewelry. Even engagement rings are no longer limited to women.

Jewelry has been worn by all genders throughout history to represent one's status, and to enhance the appearance. Over time, certain styles of jewelry became increasingly popular with women and associated with femininity. With the rise of advertising in the 1900s, marketing jewelry to women further promoted the idea that women wore jewelry, not men. However, that is no longer the case today. Jewelry is not inherently feminine and is worn by all.

With so many styles to choose from, jewelry is an appropriate gift to give anyone. Consider your relationship when choosing what unisex jewelry to give. Some types of jewelry are considered more romantic or intimate, like a Halo pendant, while a classic cuff ring, or chain bracelet, make great gifts for a friend.

Rose gold is gender neutral and anyone can wear it. The pinkish hue of rose gold adds a vintage-inspired look to jewelry and is flattering on all skin tones.

Most rings are unisex. Historically, engagement rings were the only type of ring reserved for women, but all genders can be seen wearing engagement rings today.

Your relationship and your loved one's style will determine the best unisex jewelry gift to give. Some of our most popular VRAI created unisex jewelry gifts can be found below.

  • Unisex earrings: Consider the contemporary and playful Duo Stud, the sleek and linear V Solitaire Stud, or the brilliant Pavé Hoop.
  • Unisex jewelry rings: Some of VRAI’s most popular unisex rings for daily wear include our Cuff Ring, Tetrad Ring, and V Double Row Band.
  • Unisex jewelry bracelets: The classic yet modern V Double Row Bangle, timeless Aura Solitaire Bracelet, or the understated Duo Lariat Bracelet are all popular unisex jewelry gifts.

All VRAI unisex fine jewelry is designed to be worn by all, for all. For a unisex jewelry gift that reflects both your values and your style, explore our full collection of expertly crafted Carbon Neutral Certified jewelry.