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Signet Marquise Diamond Ring
Closeup image of VRAI Signet Ring
Closeup image of VRAI Signet Ring
Closeup image of VRAI Signet Ring
Signet Marquise Diamond Ring

VRAI Signet Ring

Carat weight:
14k Yellow Gold
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VRAI created diamond

VRAI created diamond

Made-to-order. Ships by Thu, Dec 14

Made-to-order. Ships by Thu, Dec 14

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VRAI Signet Ring Design

A modern interpretation of a classic style, our Signet Ring features a sustainably created diamond. A traditional and personal symbol, the signet has been around for as long as time. Ours is a refreshing and contemporary reinvention of a vintage shape.

Metal: 14k Yellow Gold

VRAI created diamond for VRAI Signet Ring

Origin: Sustainably grown with zero emissions

Shape: Marquise

Color: G-J

Clarity: VS2+

Dimensions: 7.95mm x 4.30mm ± 0.1

Signet ring FAQ

Historically, people wore Signet rings with their family crest to represent their lineage or title. People used Signet rings to seal important documents by dipping the personalized design in wax.

Today, some people still wear Signet rings to honor their family or status, but not all Signet rings have meaning. For most people, wearing a Signet ring simply means you like the way it looks.

Anyone can get a Signet ring. They are a very popular ring design, especially for men. For families with historical Signet rings, they are typically passed down between generations, often to the men.

Traditionally, the symbols on a Signet ring were the family crest or coat of arms. Since Signet rings were used to authenticate important documents, the symbol needed to be a personalized identifier.

Signet rings are still used, in more ways than one. Today, people use Signet rings as everyday jewelry, statement rings, wedding rings, or as family heirlooms.

Americans do wear Signet rings. They are a very popular ring style with numerous designs widely available today.

People wear Signet rings as a way to express themselves and their style, or as a way to honor their family.

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